Cod 6 Waw Review

COD 6 is set in WWII. Treyarch has really outdone themselves this time. The environments are a little drab (in true COD fasion), and the graphics are decent. However, this game has a legit “M” rating. When you shoot an enemy with a powerful weapon (fg42, ptrs41, both high caliber weapons) the enemy corpse might be missing a few appendages! As awesome as this is, lots of times it glitches. Example: I shoot an enemy’s arm off and I see it lying on the ground next to him WITH THREE duplicates! Thats right I see three identical arms! But it’s okay, this feature is epic enough to offset the times it glitches.

This game has excellent multiplayer, both online and offline. Offline you have 2 player co-op campaign and 2 player NAZI ZOMBIES! Nazi zombies is an excellent game mode. As explained in the name this mode pits you and your teammates (1 offline 3 online) against hordes of undead and hellhounds. You can play this mode online or offline and there are several different maps. Online there are about a dozen game modes with varying numbers of players the maximum being 18 players. My personal favorite game mode is war, which is basically king of the hill. However once the enemy captures the hill it moves. If the enemy captures enough they will win. If time runs out with no team victourious you will go into “final fight.” In final fight the losing team will have a short respawn penalty and capturing one hill will make you victourious.

Then of course, you have your custom classes. These are AWESOME! You can have your sniper class, your “run and gun” class, your sexy class. Custom perks, weapon attachements, sidearms, and of course your primary weapon.

All of these things and more make an excellent game. 9.5/10 for lasting appeal and 9.0/10 overall, great game!

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