Things to do in Central Park, New York

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I only spent half a day in Central park and it definately wasnt long enough. Not living in a city myself I felt it strange being in a park and seeing skyscaper buildings all at the same time. I thought it was magical! We went in March time so New York was bitterly cold. You definately will need to bring your thermals, a hat and scarf.

The place is alot bigger than I had initially thought, you could spend a whole day here easily. Also it could be very easy to get lost so do bring a map with you.

I got a horse and carriage ride through central park which I thought was nice however it wasnt a very long trip on it maybe 10 or 15 mins maximum. I could have walked around the ciruit they go around however our carriage driver did give us some information on the sights that we seen. He was very friendly and it was a lovely experience.

I walked along the bridge they use in the film Home Alone which was nice to see. Its not that big or impressive but now when I see that film I can say I was there lol!

Plus I seen the skating rink however we could not go on it as it had been raining and it was not safe to do so. This would only be interesting if you like seeing where some films have been made. If not it is just a nice walk away from the hussle and bustle of the city.

However I was warned to not walk in Central Park at night or by myself if it could be avoided as there is a high crime rate here, but I never seen any crime myself.

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