Wedding Beliefs Before Marriage Revealed

During the early years numerous accounts were recorded about consequences that came about upon two people getting married. Perhaps, it happened several times and spread like fire creating fear among those who will tie the knot. Even today some are aware of wedding beliefs, the reason why they consult to find the meaning or allegory of an act or anything related.

As to records of yesteryear, days played major consideration. Choosing a day signifies their future. Monday was connoted for wealth, Tuesday would bring health, Wednesday was the best day of all, Thursday meant losses, Friday symbolized crosses and Saturday was no luck at all. That brings us to believe that Fridays and Saturdays are the worst days to tie the knot.

How come that June is still dabbed as a good month to marry? During the 14th century all the citizens of that time took a bath yearly on May and doing so made them fresh the next month and that’s the reason why the month of June is a favored one holding the belief until today. Also the belief that May is an unlucky because it was the Romans’ Feast of The Dead. And speaking of months, “Marry in lent, live to repent.”

I don’t know if this is common to you that the bride must not make her own dress and never look in the mirror until totally dressed. The veil, a very important piece for the bride is always the symbol of purity but do you know that during the Victorian era it was used to disguise the bride and fooled evil spirits?

It is also a belief that bad weather on the way to the ceremony brings unhappiness and if it is cloudy en route to your wedding brings stormy marriage but if there is snow on way to your wedding brings fertility and prosperity. Are you aware, too that when a bridal party meets a funeral, is unlucky? Do you know that when the clock in the church strikes during the ceremony is bad omen? Even a thunderstorm has to do without having children. Even death is put to test. The one who speaks the loudest dies first. Whoever drops the ring will be the first to leave. Also the first to turn away from the altar and the first to sleep during their first night dies first.

But the good news is that the first to step out of the church door will be the dominant partner ruling out.

There are other beliefs but the ones mentioned are quite new to many and universal. It’s not only us Pilipinos who are aware of these but the rest of the world.

It seems a warning but only you married couples know how to put things together and rule the way you live because you know better. The spirit within you dictates the right path.

As the popular adage states, “Something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in your shoe” always applies.

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