Tips for Recycling Coffee Grounds from Morning Coffee

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Morning fresh coffee smells almost heavenly and tastes so delicious.  One of the first things I look forward to in the morning is a good cup of strong, robust coffee. Over the years, I have found there are numerous ways to recycle used coffee grounds. Now, when I pour a cup of fresh, hot coffee there is no guilt because I know when I’m done, I will recycle the used coffee grounds.

Recycle Used Coffee Grounds as Plant Fertilizer

Not only do I like my coffee, but so do my indoor and outdoor plants. I like to sprinkle used coffee grounds around the base of the larger trees in my yard.  The rose bushes and azalea bushes also seem to thrive on used coffee grounds as a plant fertilizer. I don’t even have to let the used coffee grounds dry out.

I just start at one point in the yard and make a full circle back to the original starting point. By the time I get back to where I started, it has usually been almost two to three weeks. Yes, there are a lot of plants in my yard.

I also like to use the used coffee grounds for indoor plants. Bi-weekly, I will add a teaspoon to each indoor pot. They love this extra boost of nitrogen to the soil. What a great way to recycle used coffee grounds.

Recycle Used Coffee Grounds as a Cellulite Beauty Mask

Another way that I recycle used coffee grounds is a little messy. However, I promise it really works! Twice a month, I gather my warm coffee grounds and add a tablespoon of virgin olive to them. I then apply the still warm used coffee grounds and oil mixture to problem cellulite areas. I then wrap my thigh or arm tightly with plastic wrap.

I leave the cellulite beauty mask on for around fifteen minutes. Afterwards, I dust the area off over a recycled old newspaper, and toss the used coffee grounds into the yard to fertilize the lawn after I shower off from the beauty treatment.

Recycle Used Coffee Grounds as Natural Odor Control

When I have extra used coffee grounds that aren’t being recycled for plant fertilizer or beauty masks, I let them dry. I then cut the corner off of a recycled bread bag. I punch tiny holes all in the recycled bread bag. I fill with dried used coffee grounds I want to recycle. I place the used coffee grounds sachet in my cabinets, freezer and refrigerator as a natural way to help control odors. My kitchen smells fresher and it’s a great way to recycle extra used coffee grounds that I have.


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