How to Have a Great First Date

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We’ve all had our share of good dates and bad dates. And through these positive and negative experience, we have learned several things to do and not to do in order to impress your date, may it be male or female, regardless of age.

The first rules are simple, common sense rules. First impressions always last. Neatness and punctuality are two things that are sure to impress. Clothes make the man – or woman – and tardiness is never cool. And if your date is punctual and well-dressed, don’t pass up the chance to compliment them. Flattery can go a long way because it’s no joke preparing for a date.

Enjoy yourself when dating. Show your date the best and most fascinating side of you as he or she does the same. Tell the truth if you are not interested in another date. It is unethical to lie to the person you have dated. Try your best to be honest, yet polite if you don’t want to date the person again.

Date only the people you are interested in dating. Stay optimistic regardless of the date’s outcome. A failed date could turn out to be a good friend in the long run.

Dating can be something creative, so don’t confine yourself when thinking of where to go on your date and feel free to eat at or visit places you find interesting.

Be proactive when dating. You can’t expect a date to fall on your lap just like that. Keep an open mind and try to meet as many interesting people as possible. Be conversational with the people you meet everyday. Being friendly is always appealing regardless of the person you date.

It’s good to have a support system of single friends who are also playing the field. They can be a great help whether things are going well or not in your dating life. There will always be friends who don’t see dating the way you do – be wary of them and stick with the positive ones when talking dating.


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