Writing Articles on Bukisa Can Build You a Real Residual Income

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I started out writing articles on Associated Content, and found it an easy and enjoyable way to start my internet writing career. After finding one good paid writing site, and starting to build a residual income, I wanted to find a better paid article writing site, so that I could earn a better residual income from articles.

I tried quite a few, like Helium, Hub Pages, and Ehow, but I didn’t like how complex they made it for me to write and publish what I wanted, and make links to my other articles. They also didn’t have a decent referrals program, so in order to build my residual income, I had to do all the work.

I found Bukisa, and was very impressed at the quality of the site, it pays twice as much per click as Associated Content, about $3.95 per thousand clicks, but rather than switching over, and just writing on Bukisa, I found it was in my interest to have two or more paid writing sites, in order to make links to articles with different domain names. I also write on Triond.

I had already written a good number of articles on Associated Content, and when I joined Bukisa, I started writing articles about similar things to my most successful ones there. I eventually ended up transferring almost all of the articles to Bukisa, because I would rather be paid more, and have a better opportunity to build a residual income, with the best article writing site online: Bukisa.

Writing for profit on the internet is not an easy thing, you must have a good Google rating for your articles, in order to get a good page rank in a search, and that can be achieved through good keyword use, and linking from multiple places, among other things. Obviously, it’s better if all of the places you link from pay you for your articles.

There are many strategies for making links, to and from your articles, but it is not easy to fool the search engines, they must appear to be genuine relevant links, preferably from completely unrelated authors, only related by the subject matter you are both writing articles about.

If you want to sign up for Bukisa, click here on join Bukisa. It is completely free to join, and they pay you for your articles, and a 25% commission on your first level referrals earnings. Sign up as my referral, and I will help you build a good residual income, such as by telling you to put your referral link in every article you write.

I want you to get lots of referrals too, because there is a three level referral structure, that builds your residual income, on the earnings your referrals articles make. That’s passive residual income building. Your potential referrals could be anyone from a stay at home mum, to a proffessional SEO expert, writing articles to boost the Google rating of a big website.

Even an ordinary business owner might want to write articles about their business, for free online advertising. For more information about making links from your articles, or between your articles, take a look at my facebook page: Writing for profit.


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