In Love With Writing: Today's Prompts Take You To The Mall

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So, what is the problem?? You are afraid of that blank screen that is sitting in front of you and waiting for you to fill it up with words. The minute you glance at the screen, all of those clever thoughts simple disappear from your head. They are just gone! To remedy that, I have put together a sixty second proposal for you. All you are going to need is a kitchen time or you can even go here and use a timer that I found right here. Just click the button and it will start your count down. All you have to do is write for sixty seconds on any of the topics that I have chosen for the day. And, if you want to go over the sixty seconds, well, that’s okay too!! And did you notice that I said that you just have to pick one… on the other hand if you see other prompts that create a spark… go for it!

1. As you arrive, you are positive you just spotted a puppy trying to keep out of sight!

2. You just realized that you left your wallet at home.

3. You spot the perfect summer dress and it doesn’t fit!

4. You notice someone next to you slip a bracelet into their pocket without paying. What are you going to do?

5. You are sitting on a bench in an outdoor mall, the skies darken and the wind begins to pick up.

So, wasn’t that easy? You have just given yourself permission to play and that is what writing was all about when you were a kid right??

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