Garage Sale Tips: How To Have A Successfulo Garage Sale, Make Money And Clean Your House From Clutter

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Most people that I know have a bit of clutter in their lives, leaving them with many things laying around their home which they actually have no more room for. These things usually include stuff such as old clothes, books, magazines, toys, vinyl records, audio tapes, video tapes, outdated electronics, children’s and baby items and don’t forget the antiques.

Although these items may merely be junk to you, they may be other people’s treasures in which you can sell and earn a few extra dollars for something you may want.

My husband and I had some fun one Saturday morning while going through all of the things that we had accumulated in our garage and basement over time, and decided that instead of throwing out everything in the garbage we would sell it all by having a garage sale!

After seeing all of the “treasures” that we put out for our garage sale being picked through, picked up and bought one item after another by people who came to our house early in the morning, competing with one another for every piece right after we opened our garage door, I realized just what it takes to have a garage sale that you are well prepared for to make it a huge success. In less than a couple of hours, only a few pieces were left and it gave my husband and me enough money to buy a brand new big screen TV for our family.

It doesn’t matter to the typical garage sale buyer if merchandise has some small scars or defects on them; they simply are interested in finding things and getting a good deal on them and competing with other potential buyers just adds to the excitement.

Here are some tips in setting up a successful garage sale for anybody who may be interested in having one of their own:

1. Set up a specific time and date when you can dedicate enough time to gathering up all of your excess assortment of old items that you no longer need and intend to sell in your garage sale and put aside all of the items that you are going to sell.

2. Decide exactly what type of sale you would like to have. You may want to have the sale alone, or you might even consider inviting neighbors to have sales at the same time to draw more of a crowd, or perhaps ask some friends if they would like to sell some items of their own at your sale to create a larger amount of merchandise.

3. Be sure that you get together a lot of change and one dollar bills before the sale to have on hand so you can easily make change as needed.

4. You will need to advertise and put up hand written notices on bulletin boards and street sign poles a few days prior to the sale. The larger the sign is, the more bold and bright the words are on the signs, the better! Be very specific, concise and honest. Indicate on the ads of the specific address, date and time of the sale. A good place to advertise for a garage sale is on the Internet on sites such as It almost always helps to draw a nice group of garage sale hoppers.

5. Provide good descriptions and details of the type of items included in the sale in order to avoid frustrated prospective customers.

6. It is always advisable to include as many children’s items as you possibly can, for these are one of the most sought out popular items in garage sales. Good items are things like dolls, doll clothing and accessories, stuffed toys. Keep in mind that children can be very influential to parents at a garage sale, especially considering that the costs are so much better then items that would be brand new. Also be sure to include children’s clothing as well.

7. An easy and cheap way to display any clothes that you may want to sell is to string up a clothesline to display them.

8. Setting up card tables or ping pong tables work quite well for displaying small items and smaller electronic and kitchen items. Be sure that you set up all of the tables in a way that will leave a lot of space between them so people will not be too crowded in to any one area. Display all of the items in neat and attractive looking ways. Be certain too, that your items are all clean and usable and “priced to sell”.

9. Keep in mind that the reason that people shop at garage sales is to find bargains, so do not disappoint them because they will simply leave and go to the next sale on their list. Keep in mind that the items that you are selling are things that you no longer have any need for and, therefore, whatever you get from these items is more than you could have hoped for had you thrown them away, or let them continue to clutter up your house.

10. It is important to put a price tag on every single item. This will save you a lot of time and frustration from answering questions of how much each item costs.

11. If you have any items that require electricity, make sure you have electrical outlets close by for shoppers to test all of the electrical appliances that they may be interested in.

12. If you have sets of dishes, glasses and cups it is a good idea to sell and price them in sets instead of individually, as they will be a lot more likely to sell.

13. It seems that Saturdays tend to be the day when most garage sales are held, usually starting very early in the morning. Sometimes Wednesdays are good, however more people seem to be available to go to garage sales on weekends.

Keep in mind that when you set up your own garage sale you are de-cluttering your home. When you de-clutter the space you are living in you are symbolically de-cluttering your life. And remember- the money is an excellent benefit.


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