Cayenne Pepper: Natural Uses, At-Home Remedies

A small dose of cayenne powder each day is good for overall health. Because the spice is chock-full of vitamin C, it has many antibacterial qualities.

In addition, because cayenne powder is made from peppers, the powder is spicy and packs a lot of heat. That heat is great for treating respiratory problems such as colds and sore throats. The heat helps to soothe the throat while acting as a decongestant. The spicy heat also helps to combat chills, boost circulation and fight off lethargy.

For overall general health, add a pinch of cayenne powder to soups or stews each day. For a quick fix for a cold or a sore throat, add a pinch of cayenne powder to hot water. Add lemon juice and honey for flavor. Drink and relax.

Cayenne pepper powder is a great remedy, but using whole peppers is not. The seeds of cayenne peppers can be toxic, so take great care not to ingest these seeds. Also, pregnant and nursing women should avoid all forms of cayenne pepper.  

Finally, a cayenne pepper drink is meant as a quick fix to make you feel better, but will not heal or cure any illnesses or severe symptoms. If your condition is serious or if it worsens, visit a physician immediately.

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