Want To Find Our First Love? With New Technology It Is Possible!

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Everyone remembers their very first love. It is usually very intense and is something that stays with us all of our lives. As the song goes “the first cut is the deepest”. It is something that never disappears, no matter how much we may want to erase it from our memory as the pain never seems to get any less deep. In our innocence it was very easy to fall in love and we knew this person was mister or misses right! Then we grow and change and move on. Still it is forever etched in our hearts and minds as we ask the question to ourselves, “what if?”

It is difficult if not impossible to forget our first love regardless of the fact that we have loved again and again and again since that time. Many of us move on and marry someone else and even start a family and then one day we find that we are again alone and divorced. Now what! The first person that we think about is naturally our first love! Once again that burning question pops into our mind; “what if”! “What if I had married my first love? Would we have been together forever? I wonder what he or she is doing now and where they are. Are they married? Do they have kids of their own?”

What would you do if you had a second chance? A chance to find out the answers to those questions that so often are left hanging forever? What if you could look up your first love and actually contact him or her and find out! Would you do it? What would you say?

There are stories of people meeting again after many years, perhaps at a high school reunion or just by chance, and then ending up with a long term forever relationship and living happily ever after.

With internet technology and all of the search engines with so many people on the world wide web there are many resources for finding people from the past who you have not seen or heard from in many decades. There are many social networking websites that can be searched as well. There are people search engines that are specifically designed to find people that you are looking for. Some are free and some charge a fee.

If you are seriously considering searching for a long lost love then I would start with a basic search on a search engine such as Google or altavista.com or yahoo.com. Another favorite of mine is zabasearch.com, which comes up with a background search for free, including the person’s month and year of birth which of course can be very helpful in determining if it is the right person. Start by simply typing in the person’s name who you are looking for and you may come up with the information that you are looking for. If that fails then try searching on things such as facebook.com, myspace.com and even linkedin. Many people social and professional networking sites.

If none of the free searches work you can try public records, or things like netdetective.com or peoplesearch.com. They usually charge a small fee, however if you are determined to find your lost love, then the small cost may just be worth it.

Good luck and happy searching of perhaps your happily ever after.


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