6 Things That Should Always Be In Your Handbag And a Few Things That Shouldn't!

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I carry more than one purse which means that I need to be sure that certain items are always there when I need them. So, go and grab yourself a ziplock bag and then into it, put the following items.

1. Lip gloss… you can get away with no lipstick, but you might want to slick on a little bit of gloss… just to keep your lips from feeling dried out.

2. Keys… I have this fear of getting home and finding that I didn’t pack the keys into the bag that I’m carrying for the day. So, I made a set of keys for each bag. That way, they are always there!

3. An emery board… because if you don’t have one, that’s exactly the time you will catch your nail on something.

4. Hand sanitizer… especially if I plan on being at the mall all day!

5. Emergency telephone numbers just in case the phone goes dead on me… yes, it’s happened!

6. Always carry a $20.00 bill for emergencies… it will at least cover a cab ride home in most circumstances.

And lastly…

*Your Cell Phone… I don’t have enough of them to put into each bag, but I do leave it in one spot by the door so that I can grab it when I am heading out the door. And make sure that it’s well charged!

And then it was time to empty my purse and do a bit of de-cluttering. I am always amazed at the things that I find in there. This month, this is what I found.

1. Receipts… they should never remain in your handbag. The minute you get home, you should store them in a file just in case you need them.

2. Wrappers from granola bars. Why isn’t there ever a garbage can close by when I need one.

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