How To Keep Your Plumbing Vent System Working

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Keeping all your plumbing vents running smoothly for residential homes as well as commercial properties is very important to maintain a good running sewers and fixtures.

Many times birds will make nests on vent lines on the roof of your house or commercial property. If you have a lot of trees the leaves come late Fall, will cause your vent lines to plug up causing you to believe you have a slow drain issue with one or more of your sinks or other fixtures..

I can assure you that this vent problem is a normal occurrence in many locations especially in older neighbor hoods and commercial properties. It is a major problem costing homeowners and businesses hundreds of dollars by hiring plumbers to unplug sewer drains over and over but never finding the problem until you get a wise more experienced plumber to trouble shoot your problem.

I myself over the many years of plumbing have found plugged vents, that were plugged because of animals, leaves, nests, and poor plumbing installations by having to many elbows from the fixture to the vent out the roof.

I have torn into walls finding 90 degree turns totally plugged up with all kinds of debris thereby making sinks, drain very slowly if not at all.

All you need to do to insure you have good running vent lines is to:

1. Run a garden hose down each vent line for at least ten minutes once a year, if you can safely get on your roof.

2. Add a plumbing code approved vent cap.

3. Cut overgrown trees away from your roof not only to protect your sewer vent lines but your gutters from getting clogged.

4. In some cases raise the height of the vent line another foot or so.

This is an example of a new installation of a vent line running out the roof. If you can tell there are two 90 degree elbows before the vet is sent out the roof. A better installation would have been to run the pipe with two 45 degree elbows out the roof.

Installing two 90 degree elbows you run the chance of clogging up the vent line in several years. Just in time to sell the home to you.

The next picture shows a well installed vent line from a new cloths washing machine. Notice the 45 degree elbows.

Taking the trouble once a year to maintain your homes exterior as well as your plumbing vent lines will help keep your sewer and vent system draining well all year long.

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