5 Things I Hate About Restaurants

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Don’t get me wrong… I love to eat out.  Cooking at home means that your kitchen gets dirty, you have a ton of dishes to wash up and then there are all the crumbs that you find everywhere! So, as I said before I love to go out to restaurants, but there are a lot of things that I don’t like too. I’m sure that you will have suffered some of the items on my list. Take a look and if you have more to offer, leave me a comment. Maybe together we can change a few things!!

* Waiters who really don’t want to be there in the first place! If they want a tip, at least try to be pleasant.

* Being served the wrong food. I will occasionally ask for a specific item to be left off the dish… like  blue cheese for example and when it arrives, the dish is heavily sprinkled with the cheese.

*Burnt food… or in my case, it’s not cooked enough. If I want my steak well done, that should be my choice. I’m the one that is going to eat it.
*Cold food… there is nothing worse than being served food that has been sitting around so long and is no longer warm. You think that we wouldn’t notice??

*Dirty cutlery… I really hate that. Even if the cutlery has gone through a scalding wash in the dishwasher, I really don’t want to see the remainders of someone else’s dinner! Is it too much to ask, to at least look at each item as they are placed on the table. Same goes for glasses.


So, if you own a restaurant and are perusing this list, now you know what annoys the average person. It only takes one bad experience to make someone decide not to return.

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