The Foods Your Orthodontist Hates

Encompassing such nuanced issues as foods hated by your orthodontist, taking care of one’s teeth is a prominent concern for millions of people worldwide, in fear of having to deal with gingivitis, tooth loss, unattractive smiles, wisdom teeth, toothaches, and other pesky problems that can arise from a lack of proper oral hygiene and care.

While the dentist may be the one to provide cleanings, basic diagnoses and other assistances, the orthodontist will handle braces, elastics, corrective headgear, and other teeth-straightening, teeth-helping tools and methods along the way. As comes with the territory of dealing with custom-fitted, expensive equipment going into people’s mouths, there are naturally some precautions that recipients should take, including dietary guidelines.

However, some people inevitably fall short, either by forgetfulness, willful vice, or other means, as they partake in the foots hated by your orthodontist.


Foods and drinks that are sugary facilitate the formation of plaque on the teeth, which can have harrowing consequences for orthodontic devices. For instance, if plaque forms on teeth that have braces on them, and begin to infiltrate on the enamel beneath the surface of the brace unit, the resultant decay under the brace can be accelerated, since that portion of the tooth’s surface cannot be reached by brushing. In cases like this, sometimes the braces have to be removed, which can be an unfortunate price if, for instance, a parent has already put a solid amount of money on the braces, only for the kid to have to have them removed in futility.


Although it is rare for popcorn kernels, certain nuts, hard candy, and other examples to actually chip teeth or cause other mouth damage, they can be a nuisance to potentially vulnerable items like braces, the most common orthodontic implement. Every time an extra-crunchy food manages to break a bracket or outright displace a brace entirely, it only becomes all the more apparent as to why these are foods hated by your orthodontist.


When he or she is not taking fittings for a new retainer, your orthodontist is a human being who has his or her own particular tastes in culinary options. You may not know whether this medical specialist professional has a sweet tooth, an appreciate for a good steak, or a plain palette without fondness for fancy condiments and spices, but there are surely some foods that your orthodontist hates.

Overall, the foods hated by your orthodontist should be easy to identify, as they (the orthodontists) tend to do a good job of informing you through verbal reminders and literature alike. With careful avoidance and diligence in adhering to best practices, the foods that orthodontists hate should pose no problem to the long-term care of your bright, white, shiny, healthy teeth.

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