Words That Can Sabotage Your Sales

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Last Monday, I found some time to visit a friend working at an Automotive Consulting Center. We haven’t had much time talking lately that’s why I surprised him a visit at the office. He reminisced the time when he was just starting and was having a hard time dealing a sale.

Selling is considered as one of the toughest job knowing that most of the time hard work and determination are required to close a deal. Other than that, you also have to make sure you are using the right words to avoid any doubt or suspicion from the customer. These types of words that should not be used are the words that can sabotage your sale. Listed below are the common incorrect words usually used in selling.

Interested. People are interested in all sorts of things: information on lavish travels, luxurious homes, high end cars, etc. A customer saying he is interested is showing that he doesn’t want to say yes to your offer and is not committing to your service. Here is an example:
“Mr. Smith, I couldn’t avail the offer right now but I’m interested with the automotive service.”

Honestly or “To Tell The Truth”. Being honest is very important to the customers and prospects. They would think that if you would say you are going to be honest, you are likely to do the opposite. So when it comes to honesty, don’t just say it, just do it.

Just. Using the word “just” in a sales pitch like “in just about 10 minutes” might create a negative impression on a customer’s point of view. It might sound like you are bargaining your time or your customer’s. If someone is in the market to purchase your product or your service, they need to be prioritized and you should be very kind to give your time if ever they need you.

Thank you. This is an overused and often meaningless word spoken by a sales person. You don’t have to thank someone repeatedly for availing your service which has resolved their problem. Repeatedly thanking a customer might place you in a begging position which may cause a loss of respect.

In summary, a lot of the salespeople don’t recognize that they are already engaging themselves in a destructive behavior. Make your sales effort easier. Remember that what we say can either make a sale or break a sale. So choose your words appropriately.



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