Garbage Disposals Bad Odors

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The surest way of eliminating  garbage disposal odors is to take out your garbage disposal.

 I’m sure you didn’t want to read that answer.

Many homes in America have in fact taken out their garbage disposals and place their food scrapes in a composting system.  Sometimes going backwards is the new forward movement. 

If your like me I just want to put my scrapes down the sink and move on with my life.

Normally bad odors coming from your garbage disposal are caused because you have not been properly trained on what you need to do to eliminate odors.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you run enough water down the drain to insure the scrapes you put down the drain will actually leave the disposal and go down the sewer.

With garbage in the disposal put the plug in and fill the sink full of hot or cold water or both. Next take the plug out and turn on the disposal while continuing to run water until you have a good running drain.

If you have not already gotten food particles stuck around the inside area of the garbage disposal you can make a cleaning solution of 1/2 cup of baking soda, add white vinegar and flush with boiling water down the drain to eliminate bad odors.

The above picture shows a garbage disposal and how it connects to the sink. By turning the lower ring with a screwdriver you can release the garbage disposal and attempt to clean the disposal out. (Remember to disconnect the power or you will get shocked or die).

I know of no garbage disposal that has been invented yet that will work properly for homeowners without a good flushing of water.

A second solution to smells is to put some lemon, orange, or apple skins down the garbage disposal. This won’t get rid of ordors but it will make the ordors go away for awhile.

The p-trap that is connected to the garbage disposal keeps out sewer gases, but everything else from the sink to the p-trap has a potential to build up with scrapes and could give off foul odors.

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