Know The Faces

A sound healthy body and mind is always accompanied by a fresh and clear face. The darkening of orbital skin and red eyes shows you are ill and tired, suffer from anorexia. Hot flashes are common in angry irritable women, who are undergoing the menopausal period. Acnes are caused by the stress released hormone cortisol, since it increases the oil secretion. Dry, wrinkled face low fat in the body. Flurosis has a dental parameter of dark teeth.

Facials in endocrine disorders

  • Coarse, dry, pale face with a broad flat nose and wide, protruded eyes is seen in Cretinism, a thyroidal disorder.

  • Dull, expressionless face, peri-orbital puffiness, malar flush, sparse eyebrows indicate Myxoedema

  • Prominent lower jaw  shows strong signs of Acromegaly

  • Moon like plethoric face is  noticed in Cushing’s syndrome

  • Exophthalmous, starring eyes is found in thyrotoxicosis patients

  • Oval shaped face with slanting eyes is found in Mongolism

  • Low fore head with vertical groove, depressed nasal bridge is seen in Hypertelorism

In infections

  • Conjunctivitis and rashes in children indicate Measles

  • Frontal bossing, saddle nose, poor maxillae is seen in children with congenital syphilis

  • Leonine face seen in leprosy

  • Spasm of muscles and risus sardonicus (lifting up of angles of mouth) are found in Tetanus

In nervous disorders

  • Mask like face in Parkinsonism

  • Transverse smile, pounting face in Myopathy

  • Fore head wrinkled in Tabes

Others such as ruddy flush in alcoholism, brown color face in Addison’s disease, pinched face in adenoids are also noticed.

If you eat large amount of carrots, carotinoids may deposit and your face shines yellow.

In copper metabolic disorders, it may deposit and color may change into black or brown. In anemia you look paler.

So read your face index and know your body. Live healthy and happy

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