Ipad’s Marketing Genius

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I recently read an article about the jealousy Microsoft is feeling over the success of the iPad. I’m not surprised by the popularity of the iPad since I’ve personally witnessed the excitement it sparks. I have been using iPads as prizes during the Best Week Ever Advisor Trainings and it’s amazing how hard the advisors and techs work for a chance to win one of these.

In a matter of days Apple sold over 450,000 iPads, 3.5 million iPad Apps, and over 600,000 iBooks. Apart from the iPad just being freakin awesome, the marketing behind it is equally ingenious, cleverly enabling new entertainment formats and opportunities as well as introducing mobile marketing possibilities to go along with them. The iPad stands apart by easily mixing ads into apps and media content.

The most awesome capability it has, that most people aren’t aware of, is it’s geolocation function that allows the iPad to pinpoint where you are and use that information to deliver customized advertising. Like if your sitting at a Starbucks, your iPad knows where you are and you will see ads relevant to where you are. This is something that was not possible before, not even on iPhones.

We are going to see very unique and customized marketing with the iPad, and as it evolves and more content is made, we’re going to see a whole bunch of creative new formats and inventive ways of thinking.

The lesson to be learned here is Apple’s ability to continually think outside the box and push the envelope, revolutionizing its industry time and time again. The results from Apple’s creative marketing prove the payoffs possible by taking chances and risks with your marketing. Doing the same thing as everyone else only gives you the same results as everyone else.


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