How To Rewrite Plr Articles

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Just follow these easy steps to turn a plr article into an unique article.

Change The Title –
this the first and most basic thing to do when you are rewriting a plr. Provide a suitable title relevant to the article , provide your twist and turn and assign a good title. Donot forget to add some keywords to your title. This will hepl people and search engines to find your article more quickly.

Provide a Introduction –
Most plr articles doesn’t have an intro, so write a intro relevant to the article and paste article. An article intro generally contains three to four sentences which provides a brief description of your article. Writing a good intro would make your article unique and remember the intro should not be excerpt of the article It must be unique and this will also give your article a professional touch.

Change The Body – ( Atleast 50 % )
A good intro will make your article unique but just to be on the safe side you must change some parts of the article.

1> Change the sequence of sentence , paragraph and points .
2>Rewrite few sentences .
3>Add new sentences which must be unique and relevant to the article.
4>Assign bullets to make points , this will give your article a professional touch
5>Change words by assigning synonyms .
6>Finally check for spelling and grammatical errors.
7>To make the plr into a good blog post then you must add some images.You can get copyright-free images at

Provide a Conclusion- (optional )
At the end provide your message to your readers and try to end it with a happy and encouraging note.

Thus rewriting plr is not that tough you just need 10 minutes to completely make a plr article into unique article.  So , Workhard and goodluck !  


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