Good Career Plan For Youths (Part One) – Settle Down And Find a Job

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When we are young, we think that we can do whatever we want. We have the big dreams and we think that all of them will become true. We work, we live, we party, we spend our time and our income. You can earn more money and full up your empty wallet if you work hard, but you cannot extend your life time. What if you are going on the wrong way? You will not have time to start again. That is why you need to have a good career plan. The plan below is a sample that you should look at. The plan will include five main steps: Settle down and find a job, become the leader in your chosen job, save money, invest your money when you have a change and the last step is forget the pension.

In this article, we will talk about the first step, settle down and find a job. The other steps will be present in the length of the next articles.

“Settle down and find a job” is an easy sentence to say, but it is very hard to do. You should focus on this step at first. Everyone of us will meet this step once in our lifetime.

When you leave your parent’s home to live independently or when you have to move to big city for attending to university or find a job, you need to find a good place to settle down at first. Some people think that finding a place to live is not a big problem, we can move to another place if there are some problems exist. They said so because they are living with their parent or they do not know how a house that they live can affect their career. You need to have a stable place to live. It will help you feel stable and you can focus more on your career instead of finding another place to move, fix the front door or deal with the bad landlord and the bad neighbor. Find a good place to live and you can improve your life easier.

A job that you work have more meaning and effect on your life than the salary that the boss give you every month. The job that you work gives you a change to improve yourself, sever the society, be promoted to a higher position in your company and also your community. That is why you should choose your job carefully.

When we start working, we will tend to work in a wrong job easily because of many reasons. You may work for the job that comes to you first because you need money to survive next month and you are afraid of being unemployed. You may choose a job that you do not like actually but it give you high income and high position. And you may even work for a bad and illegal job just for money.

You need to know how to choose a job. You may try to work for many companies in many kind of jobs, but you should choose one job to follow as soon as possible. The next article will tell you how to find a good job to follow.

In conclusion, finding a good place to live stably and a good job to follow is the first step that all of us will meet it in our lifetime. It is the main step that the other step will be developed based on this first step. You have to build this step well so that you will have a good start.

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