How to Optimize Meta Tags for Organic Search

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The three html areas where html meta tags, also known as metadata, can be inserted are the Title, Description and Keywords. They appear near the top of the html code.

These are the words that call out to the search engines, saying, “Hey, the party’s over here!”

These three little data fields can make or break whether your site comes up in search listings, yet they are frequently under-utilized.


About Keywords

Most search engines accommodate up to 100 keywords, but few sites approach that number. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should just stock up without careful forethought. Keywords used in metadata should be:

1) Germaine to the site.
2) Something the average user is likely to type into a search box when looking for what your site has to offer.
3) Reflected in Title, Description and Content of the website. This is called “keyword density”.


More about Keyword Density

Every keyword listed in the metadata should be used at least once in the website content. An optimal amount of usage is approximately 3-7% of your of your word count. If you go over that, search engines may think you are trying to trick them, and it can work against you.

Also be aware that keywords reflected in graphics, like a logo or photo don’t count toward keyword density. Search engine spiders can’t read graphics.


Meta Title

The title appears in the upper left corner of your site. It can be up to 100 characters, contain at least 2 of your keywords, and be reflective of your site’s content.

Meta Description

The description appears on the web search page when the internet services providers (ISP) offers your site to the the searcher. Most search engine will accommodate up to 200 characters, and should include 2-4 of your keywords. There is a movement among search engines to expand this field, but everyone isn’t onboard yet. I would stay with the 200 characters, or at least be sure to include the most pertinent information in that space.

The description is your sales pitch, and you should be directive. If you want them to call you, be sure to get your phone number in that space. If you want them to visit your store, be sure to get your address into that space. If you want them to click into your site, give them a good reason to click!


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