Stepping Over Defeat

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In life we are faced with many challenges, obstacles and adversities. There will be highs and lows, but what do you do when the lows seemed to have captured you in a net and you are unable to get out? If you keep a defeated attitude about you and your situation it will eventually lead you into a state of depression. You ask yourself how can I defeat-defeat? Here are a few things you can do to rise above defeat.

The first thing you want to do is to empty yourself. Everything that is bothering you get it OUT. Confess it; write it down if you want too. After you have confessed it, open yourself up. You must realize that you are loved and someone needs you. Someone somewhere cares about you greatly.

You can also find solace in the word of God. Reading your Bible will allow you to see yourself as God sees you. It gives you hope and peace. God has spoken many blessings over your life. It is up to you to let go of everything that is holding you down. Yes that also means defeat, past failures and past mistakes.

Change your thinking. This is very critical because it does not matter what you do-until you master this you will remain in a life of defeat. Your thinking must be changed. You might ask how I can change my way of thinking? This is very simple it is so simple many miss the concept. Speak life to yourself, say those things that are positive. Begin to think on those things that are good and of a lovely report.

Next thing you want to do is to get out and surround yourself with positive people. You need to be around people who are adding to your life and not subtracting. You hear it all the time, birds of a feather flock together, so flock to people who are flying above the clouds and not above the ground. Flock to people who refuse to live a defeated life. When you change your situation will change.

Whenever you start feeling like you are sinking back into that defeat or depression mode, speak to yourself and let your inner man know that you are a winner.


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