How do you write a good song lyric?

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* What melody do you got?

If you got a sad melody don’t experiment with a happy lyric. Feel the music. Feel the surroundings and how it will look like. Create the atmosphere where it takes you. How it looks like, feel like, smells, the sounds and the emotional flow.

* Topic and subject.

First you need to find a topic or a subject. It don’t need to make so much sense. It should play on your feeling or give an artistic view on a certain case. You need to focus on this subject.

* Create the subject trustworthy.

When you write a lyric it needs a certain angle. You want the listener to feel the same way. Create the surroundings. Make it impossible for the listener to not to feel your way. Make the words to get along. Make the music and lyric so it can go hand in hand. How will it look if it was a video? make questions and let them be answered by either you or the listener.

* Chorus

Make the chorus be a summary of the subject.

Ex: “i want you so bad, i need you closer, i close my eyes and smell the breeze, the floral breeze from the sea of love”

You want it all to mix together and the listener to feel with you. To create a certain bubble where your trapped in this imaginary or real sequence.Be the song. You are the actor that should tell your audience something they need to know. You want them to agree or disagree with you. You want the listener to become what you want it to be.


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