'improve Your Life From One Moment TO The Next'

I DFINE success in one word – adventure. Success is not an accumulation of wealth; iot an accumulation of experience. In fact, I have never actually thought of success and have done things regardless. The closer you get to mountain younat to climb, the larger it looms, But what’s important is the next step – the next breath, the passion, the motive and the driving force achieved in one breath.

The larger picture as well as the passion is important to me. And it’s passion that creates the focus, not the other way round. Money, to me, cannot be a larger passion. Gandhi and Nelson Mandela didn’t pursue fame, all they did was exhibit their passion and studbbornly stand by it.

One of the turning points in my life came with the first lessons in physics, when I was 10 years old. I learnt that everything is something and for anything to be something, it had to be quantifiable. But nothing is quantifiable except in context of something. Even a measure is a context. So nothing in Phys existed unless it had a context against which it was measurable.

The other significant phase in my life was gazing at the stars from the rooftop of my house wondering how to measure the universe.Till some one told me that the universe went on forever, So, I tried to measure forever, but was unable to bring it down to a finite things I even came up with various theroires, each to soothe my mind, to postpone the ultimate reality; that there were a billion universes.

Yet, I remain that little boy looking for forever, knowing fully well that forever is merely a question and would never became an answer. So, when I’m asked passion is immeasurable.

My Message to the youth would be to spend their life in search for their own forever and to know that life lies in the search for life, The journey is the ultimate  destination and each moment of the journey should be filled with passion that exists for the moment. One should realise that the worst way to travel is to travel for  one’s self and the greatest path to understanding is the selfess path. The selfless path has nothing to do with improving other’s lives, as much as it has to dod with improving your own, from one moment to the other.

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