Ecommerce Marketing on Facebook

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Facebook is perhaps the most popular method of communicating online nowadays and with this popularity comes the opportunity for business owners to promote their products. Facebook has several ways in which users can take advantage of this method of getting the news out about your business and bringing in new customers.

One way of using Facebook for ecommerce is to set up a group for your business. This is free to do. All you have to do is click on the Groups link at the top of the page and then click “Start a new group”. You do have to take your time with this process in order to have a professional looking page and to show the potential new members that there is a real person behind this and that it is not a scam.

Give your group a professional sounding name or use the name of your business. Provide details of what you sell and where you are located, whether this is a brick and mortar store, a home-based business or a website. Add pictures of your products along with pricing.

Now how do you get members to join your group? Invite all the people in your list of friends and send them a brief message asking them to invite their friends. In this way, your following will gradually increase.

There is more to promoting your business online than just setting up a group and inviting members to join. You should provide regular updates by messaging the members and by updating the status. As more and more people write on your wall, this increases your visibility to their list of friends as well.

Facebook also has a paid method of doing ecommerce on the site. On each page there are ads on the right hand side. You can have the name of your business in such an ad. Choose the layout of the ad and choose the amount you want to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Although this is a way that Facebook earns an income, you can also benefit because the ad is placed on all the Facebook pages – not just those of your friends. So your name and business has the most possible visibility.

Don’t forget to utilize your personal page to market your products as well. Your status updates can include links to your business and the group page. In this way you are able to market your products on a regular basis


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