Pre Colonial Literature in The Philippines

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Pre Colonial Literature in the Philippines

Is considred as the longest literay period which showcase the rich and civilized past of the Philippines. Most Filipino literature are handed down orally from one generation to another.

Which reflects to the daily activities in life of the primitive filipinos and their environment.

Early activities literature are written and inscribed in bamboo. Palm leaves and bark of trees with the use of knife and styli.

The early Filipinos used the script with had 17 symbols vowels like a/e I and o/u. all basic consonant symbol had inherent the a sound like ga, ka ba, pa, ma, ya, wa, la, sa and ha.

Early pre colonial Filipino literature are full of fables and legends.

Philippine literature history. 

Here are the pre colonial literary Genres of the Filipinos

Riddles – which is Bugtong

Proverbs –


Tanaga – Poems


Folk narratives

Ambahan Poetry today is also practice by Mangyan until today.  Mangyan is a native people in Mindori they are still exist until today. One thing i notice about mangyan is that when they trek in the forest they sang – I asked my friend about it they said it’s a Ambahan poetry.

Some of this poetry are consider to be an ancient script in the Philippine Museum.


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