Running And Its Benefits

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Running is defined as the rapid movement of the foot, with long strides and both feet momentarily off the ground. Running is also a form of exercise and a sport. It is recognized around the world and the faster you run, the better. Speed can be jogging or even sprinting.

 There are three kind of running, the track running which uses the oval, the road running uses the road and measuring the specific distance. The five kilometer run and higher includes the half and full marathon uses the road running as well. And the third kind is the cross country which is done in the more open or terrain roads.

 Weight loss is the first and foremost the biggest benefit you could get from running. Your body burns a lot of calories while running than exercise because you give a lot of your energy into it. It also improves your metabolism and cardiovascular system. This way the lungs and heart can perform their duties well for your body. Running also increase good cholesterols and lowering the bad cholesterols in your body which decreases the risk of any heart diseases. The blood pressure lowers as well making your arteries and veins maintain their elasticity.

 Running slows down the aging process because running regularly slows down boss and muscles loss. The bones grow stronger which avoids the risk of developing osteoporosis as you grow older. It improves your moods because the endorphins are being released while running. Running also releases out stresses making you a happy person. Coordination is also being improved but most of all, running gives you the sense of accomplishment. Running can also improve your social lifestyle. You get to meet a lot of people who actually likes to run as well.

 To start running, start with at small distances first gradually going for longer distance every week. Do not forget to warm up and do stretches before your run and cool down after each run. Expect soreness after your first run. You can also join road runs to help you focus on your training. Maintain your pace to avoid getting hurt and do not run faster just because you are in the race but most of all use proper running shoes. Put on some music and enjoy the view while running. For good fun runs event to join in the Philippines, you may join Coach Rio’s events at


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