In The Master Impressionist – Manet

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Manet( 1832 ~ 1883 ), half of the 19th century revolution in the field of painting played an important role in the painter , although with the impressionist painters he has close ties , but did not participate in Impressionist exhibitions , but always the impressionist painters With Manet as the center, to create new theories and works of art .

Manet was born in 1832 in a wealthy family of judges , as lovers of art , he gave up greatnesses the future , to become a painter . Manet was the first to break the traditional brown color , make the picture bright , light and freshness of foreign artists . He received the influence of classical art , works great and has always maintained a dignified boldness of vision , and his oil paintings in realistic style on a high skills, but the color was not developed to the decomposition of some Impressionist painters as to the color objects Level. His handling of color more comprehensive coordination of each color blocks are soft , and very bright , giving a sense of transparency and freshness . ” flute boy “is a well-known works of Manet , the overall dark tone , highlight a few bright and vivid colors make it more loud brilliant . Another one of his representative works , ” Olympia ” also means the use of such performance .


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