In The Master Impressionist

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 Georges Seurat( 1859 ~ 1891 ), Impressionism in latecomers , unique in his Impressionist . Georges Seurat is determined by Principles of color to guide artistic practice that, inside the light illuminated , all coloring pictures are segmented to some correct efficiency of the division of coloration , ought to be different, points and blocks of pure colouring inside a tie Together . In the functions below the guidance of this concept is referred to as ” point -color process “and “a new Impressionist painting , ” also identified as “point -color school . ” Theory creating in science and reason according to the new Impressionism , in some methods to restore the painting pictures of the specificity of reality , some in coloration analysis, exploration, but that as well very much emphasis on Faze and rules also make the loss of the painting Beneficial , visual vividness . ” bowl Island Sunday afternoon , ” is drawing representatives from repair operate, spent three many years to comprehensive. Artists applied the type of fine point pens and green with a significant primary tuning, mixed with purple, blue, red, yellow along with other colors , enabling the display includes a rich in nearby colouring adjustments and complementary coloring contrast , the overall Coordinated .

Pissarro(1830 ~ 1903 ), is an crucial Impressionist painters . Pissarro was born in France An Tier Islands St. Thomas island , his father opened a little grocery shop owner . He served as youth staff , as awesome by the oil painting, from the age of 25 he left his residence island , identified towards the fine art capital of Paris . Corot and Millet’s perform gave him fantastic influence , he is convinced that the artwork may be the only normal to stick to the master .
Pissarro Impressionist painters than any person outside the light started painting earlier . He typically mentioned: “In light of outdoor residing , following the organic faithfully painted it! ” Pissarro existence poor , but often having a happy face uncertain reside . He likes rural life , no exaggeration , whitewash to paint inside eyes with the most popular of all . He usually employed the display saturated colors along with a delicate pen strokes depict objects gland , has a uncomplicated yet profound art work of charm . Representative works are ” red roof every Tuwa Zi “” Montmartre Street “, and so on. .


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