The Importance of Your Handshake at a Job Interview

A handshake is an ancient gesture of friendship, recognition and awareness. In today’s society, it still denotes many of these things. But it also includes a non-threatening, non-sexual way of greeting each other, when a man and a woman shake hands. It is especially prevalent in business as a way of shaking hands on a deal. But it can also be a sign of greetings between a prospective employer and employee-as well as shaking hands on being hired. In a job interview, it is especially important. Without it, there is no proper business and therefore tactful way of greeting each other beyond a stoic ‘hi’ or ‘hello.’

A handshake demonstrates these things. After all, you wouldn’t hug or kiss a prospective boss. The shaking of hands sends a powerful greeting-minus any negative connotations. It demonstrates an employee of substance and character beccause they took the time to properly greet and acknowledge a boss. Something that can be a ‘mirror’ to future employee-customer service. Somebody who does not shake a hand in business circles sends powerfully negative signals that they may not necessarily care about their job. It may also demonstrate that the person may simply not care about their job one bit, and may just be in it for the money.

First impressions speak volumes to somebody who may hold their fate in your hands, ie a potential employer. Even if the person is just somebody from human resources and may not be directly your boss, everything you say and do is going to be written down and noted into some computer file somewhere. So even if the human resources person forgets who you are…yikes, you don’t really want that anyways…that file of yours is going to be red-flagged for potential problems.

The handshake will probably not be physically noted anywhere, but the impressions will be and the recommendation will follow. A lack of a good positive greeting may denote other things wrong with you, and amplify smaller problems. A job headhunter is going to dissect you backwards and forwards, so a positive start to things is definitely in your best interest! Follow it up by a warm ‘hello’ and look at their eyes, not at the wall or the ceiling. Additionally, dress appropriately and carry a small list of questions that you may wish to use. Like the handshake-be inquisitive, but not overwhelming

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