Solution to Leftovers

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At the same time it gives you the opportunity to clear out the refrigerator. Just think of all those containers, plates, platters and bowls sitting in there with only enough food to feed one or two people.

Every week or two, or even once a month the fridge should be cleaned out. This is a task that we usually tend to dismiss because this particular appliance is always full. So on those days when you decide to get up the gumption to perform your refrigerator maintenance, think about all the leftovers just aching to be put out and devoured before it is too late.

By the time this day arrives you may have a ton of food. No plans for the few slices of roast, a hamburger or two, a few scoops of mashed potatoes and then don’t forget those small portions of vegetables.

There is not enough for everyone to enjoy the same meal. But the whole family still needs to be fed. So pick one night a week or so and claim it smorgasbord night. Everything goes. This is the night that each family member can pick and choose only the foods that they really like. No qualms about who doesn’t like this or that because this is the one chance they have to skip the item or two that they don’t prefer. It isn’t often they get a chance to pass over the foods they aren’t crazy about.

The downside to this feast is all the dishes. There will be a lot to wash considering all the containers placed in the refrigerator during the week. So when you empty one try and transfer it to a dish, platter or baking pan. Make sure it is big enough to include some of the other foods that will cook at the same temperature and time frame. Once all the food is set out to warm up or heat well, start on some of those dishes. While the food is cooking, the containers, bowls and platters will be washed before it is time to sit down to eat dinner. Of course, it’s always preferable to recruit dishwashing assistance from those about to be well fed.

Parents in Winona, MS understand that times are hard for everyone these days. And any chance they get to save a penny or a dollar they’ll jump at that chance. No one here in Winona or anywhere else wants to waste food. So whether you live in Winona or the millions of other cities out there make one night a week or month a smorgasbord night and enjoy the homemade foods and family time while saving money and not wasting food.

Enjoy smorgasbord night!

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