Responsibility Project For Teenagers

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The project leans towards teens aged 13-17 that have a desire to improve their community. It also allows all young writers to inspire others in their home town and around the world with their desire to write and willingness to help others and provide a positive difference in their community.

Through participation in their home communities teenagers may help out at a charity event, donate their time to a specific town function, organize a recycling program, volunteer for a community clean-up project or volunteer at a senior center.

To enter “The Responsibility Project” teens are required to fill out an online application. Include an essay they’ve written that is equal to 300 words or less describing the activity they were involved in during the summer. Submissions will continue to be accepted through August 31, 2010.

Liberty Mutual will select five winners which will have their winners’ essays featured online at the Responsibility Project website. It is a chance to share your story. At the same time Liberty Mutual will donate $500 in each winner’s name to an approved non-profit organization of their choice. All winners will be announced in the month of September in 2010.

Teenagers living in Winona, MS are excited to participate in The Responsibility Project. MostWinona teens spend much of their summers doing odd jobs, volunteering and helping the community in general. This is a great way for Winona teenagers to tell their stories to the world through their writing describing the way they helped inspire their friends though the hard work they shared volunteering their time to one or many this summer.

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