For The Love of Clipmarks!

I had stumbled upon Clipmarks one sunny day a few years ago! Somehow, this social networking site had affected me like no other site could ever! It could be because it is a knowledge-based website, as far as I am concerned, wherein you can clip the portions of the web pages, video etc. which captures your imagination and can share them with the rest of the world!

Yes, it is a task compared to the gliding experience of stumble upon, twitter etc. However, the unique way of saving your clips, instead of the URL of a web site, has gotten hold of my fancy. I could clip anything interesting on the net and could even clip my own writings to highlight the best part of my articles to the world and can save them for my future references. You can email your clips to friends and can also post it to other book marking sites like delicious etc.

Every visit to the clipmarks had given me food for my thoughts! It is like glancing across the front, third, sports and the back pages of a popular newspaper! Being a knowledge-thirsty person, I had loved the experience of reading the global print media, learning more about the people and the places, clips from the blogs and the politics, the pets, prose, poems, the flowers and more, with the visuals both in the form of static and in the form of You Tube stuff!

But the best was yet to come. It happens naturally that your clips are being commented by the others who may like your posts. You comment on the others’ clip too! You start responding to them by their long name to start with, which gets shortened in the course of time, when your familiarity and the interaction with them grow! You see the familiar and active icons time and again, and you develop a sort of fine friendship with them all. It is easy to judge people in clipmarks by looking at the clips being posted by them and being liked by them.

You start getting followers who likes the clips you post the most and you start following the clippers whose clips you like the most too! The ordinary matter-of-fact comments start getting fun filled, meaningful and enjoyable comments and as an extension of the comments, you start feeling fond of the commenter too!

Some times people share their personal stuff: someone suddenly announces one’s birthday. Someone shares with you things about one’s children. Grandparents are proud of their grand children. Some others may post about their life, garden, recipes etc.

The visit to the clipmarks feels like rushing home after the school gets over; that kind of enthusiasm, happiness and joy in reading and enjoying the clips, posting the comments and getting the comments back, which has got no equals! There is quite a bit of spam too, which seems unavoidable in any popular web site. You can avoid such clips by not following such people. Quite simple!

The clipmarks has grown into the most comfortable place of congregation, wherein a nice set of people gather around to have a mug of coffee after a long and tiring day of hard work!

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