Awesome Date idea sure to impress!!

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Make your menu. Lets get fancy, but not too fancy. Five courses sounds about right. The type and order of the courses should be as follows.
Course 1 an appetizer.
Course 2 soup.
Course 3 salad.
Course 4 main entree.
Course 5 Desert.
Move onto the next step.

Appetizer time. What is your significant others favorite appetizer and from what restaurant? Write this down. Move onto soup, same thing favorite and from what restaurant. Continue this through all the courses.

Get your phone out and ice chests ready. Next get the number for each restaurant. Your going to order each item of there favorite courses from there favorite restaurants. When you order tell them its to go and will not be eaten right away, in case they need to package some of it separate.

Go pick up your to go orders. Hot stuff goes in one cooler and cold stuff in the other.

Get your plates, bowls and utensils ready. You will also need to get some beverages and cups together.
Decide where you will enjoy this feast. If weather permits a picnic setting would be nice. If weather is foul set dinner up at home. Serve and enjoy!


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