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Many people writes on a daily basis,many belong to various forums and social network communities and make great impact in various facets of life through their posts,ideas and comments.But what many people do not know today is that one can monetize all these writings by signing up with sites that creates such an avenue for creativity and personal expression,in actual fact there are hundreds if not thousands of sites that are ready to pay people to post articles,review products and websites and also give tips to varying human needs.In the light of this,i have come out with the top 15 sites that affords the opportunity to monetize what you have passion for and do with ease.Below are the list of the sites with a brief description of what to expect after signing up with them.

Associated Content
Associated Content happens to be an on-line media company where everyone is free to participate and reap the benefit of on-line publishing. How it works is very simple, you can write an article on any topic of your interest and submit it to the website. You have an advantage of submitting your article on an exclusive (Selling the copyright to associated content) or non exclusive basis (Keeping the right of your article with yourself). You also get an option to submit your article for paid or non-paid basis (You are not liable to get any monetary benefit). An excellent way to make money on-line. At initial level you might earn $3 to $4 but later when you page view increases you earning will also increase.
Auctionbytes is looking for stories to help people conduct on-line auctions more efficiently, both as buyers and sellers. So if you have any experience selling stuffs at Ebay,Yahoo auctions or at any other on-line marketplace, why don’t share your experience and make money for it. Just write some tips to success with online auctions and get your money.
If you are serious about making money from writing then you will find it good to write and publish with Bukisa. This on-line publisher offers writers around $4 per 1000 unique page views that their published content earns on an individual basis for as long as the content is published on the website. So its irrelevant whether anyone clicks on your ad or not because they pay you on CPM method. So, the more that a writer writes, then the better the long-term royalty residuals will be months after months.
Additionally, Bukisa offers referral program also where you earn good income by simply referring your family and friends to join Bukisa to publish their writings, photography, slides, audio or videos on the publisher’s website. Ensure you read their terms and conditions before joining, so as to be sure that this publishing opportunity is the program fit for you. will pay you $50 to answer 20 easy questions.The questions are tricky, but that is worth doing! You can answer them in like 50 minutes and get 50$ to your PayPal or bank account. Sounds too sweet to be true.You can try it out and see how it works,you have to be versatile and diversified as answering the simple but tricky questions can guarantee you payment.
Constant content is one of the guaranteed website that pays a minimum of $10-80 per article submitted,you can either sign up as an author or a publisher and thereafter submit articles based on the needs of the customer which is always contained in your inbox and submitted as such.You can also put the desired price tag on your article,the minimum being $10-20 and also you would get mails from the website anytime a customer requests for an original work either for publication or for personal use which makes your writings objective and cost-effective.The only setback you can encounter in the site is that your articles must be a master-piece or else your accont will be suspended indefinitely which means that a minimum level of research is required before article submission should be made.Payment is through Paypal.
Give a tip and earn money through your PayPal accont.In the past,Dailytipper pays $3 once your tip is approved but they have changed their strategy now. They pay only for the three best selected tips and the prize money is $100, $75, $50 for the first three members respectively.
This is a similar program to that of associated content where you write once and have the potentials of getting residual income over years.eHow is the great place to start as they have variety of topics to pick up and its growing day by day. Submit your articles and get paid for it.
Ground Report
Ground Report is a news site thats work as revenue sharing website with 50:50 ratio. Members can publish original articles, images, and videos and earn revenue based on the number of views their submissions receive. The mode of payment is PayPal. They also comes with contest where you get a chance to win good amount if you get highest number of page views in a month.
HubPages provides opportunities to write about your favorite topics and earn a revenue from Google ads, ads and eBay ads on sharing basis. HubPages shares revenue based on impressions (or page views) or click or per lead basis. You will receive 60% of the revenue from ads and 40% revenue goes to hubpages. Writers are paid directly by advertiser like Google, and eBay when minimum payouts have been reached.
This is entirely different from other get paid to write websites. You do not get paid based on revenue sharing or fixed pay, Instead you get paid based on the sales. The LetterRep program pays writers to write letters that are designed to sell to companies or individuals who are in need of professionally written letters to be used as possible mail outs or other marketing needs. Writers are paid every time a LetterRep client purchases or request one of the letters that you have had published through LetterRep. The payouts vary depending on the type of request that you receive,it requires good level of expertise as your letters serve as leads to prospective clients.
Synonymous to ehow, LoveToKnow offers you an opportunity to write in any topic of interest available in this website. There is an extensive list of topics available. After your application gets approved your payment will start at $20 per 650-word article, with a minimum of 20 articles required each month.
Make money by writing original review on software. You can make up to $50 by reviewing software. The money you earn can be use to download a software or otherwise you can withdraw your money. Minimum payout is $200 and payment is through Western Union.
Squidoo allows anyone to create pages of information and earn a little bit of money from advertisements. Here’s how it works: Members share their views or give recommendations on a topic/product of choice on one page (or squidoo lens). Squidoo places affiliate ads from Amazon, eBay, CafePress and/or SuperStore on the page and anytime a reader purchases a product through the ads, the contributor receives 50% of the royalties.
There are also Google ads on each page. Revenue from these ads are placed into a pool and half the amount is distributed to contributors based on the popularity of their lenses. Payment is through PayPal and Members can also donate earnings to charity.
This is a magazine dedicated to publishing journalism by, for and about young people. They accept articles from all generations but mostly from youth and young adults, around ages of 16 to 28. Submitted stories should discuss issues important to young people today such as youth activism, war and peace, civil and human rights, race, immigration, education, environment, culture, sex and relationships, media and more.
WireTap publishes news reports, features, investigative stories, personal voices, op-eds, reviews and interviews. Stories should be between 800 and 1,800 words and pay is between $50 to $200.
Writers Share
Writers Share is another new and exciting website where people can get paid simply for leaving comments on a variety of different subjects. On Writers Share there will be a choice of subjects, such as money, celebrities, sports, etc, and you can choose any of these subjects and then go on to leave a comment on a sub-topic. For example you might go to the Money category and be asked to leave your opinions on credit cards. For every comment you leave (that gets accepted onto the site) you will earn a minimum of £1, which will be paid to you by Paypal. Anyone can leave comments and there is a variety of subjects to comment on,the most important aspect of it is to provide a simple and usable piece of information in other for your comment to be accepted into the site.

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