Movie Review: She's Out of My League

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Kirk Kettner, the lead character, is a nice guy, a gentleman, although a bit timid and withdrawn. He is desperate to get back with his ex-girlfriend Marnie because he hasn’t had a relationship in 2 years. He is rehearsing a few lines to say to her, and he has gathered his friends – Stainer, Jack and Devon – to gather their opinions on his planned reconciliation bid. Stainer who was one ratings-oriented guy wanted out because he thought Kirk deserved someone better. Jack opined that Kirk was a “moodle” or man poodle – someone who girls want to take out for a walk, feed, cuddle but not someone they would want to have sex with. Hence, he advised Kirk that Marnie had to realize that after their break-up, Kirk’s life had been much better, which was obviously a lie. At Devon’s turn, being the most conservative of Kirk’s buddies, he merely told Kirk that another option would be to just be himself. Their advices were well taken, but Kirk’s attempt did not go well as Marnie already had another boyfriend, this despite being informally adopted by Kirk’s family.

Molly, an events planner, is about to go to New York and trying her best to catch up with her plane. Kirk works at the Pittsburg Airport as Transport Security Administration Officer who lets Molly get to her plane just in time. She accidentally leaves her iPhone at the security area where Kirk gets to pick it up among the luggage trays. Molly asks Kirk to hold on to her phone and they agree to meet the following night at a party which she organized. Kirk and Devon get to the appointed meeting place to return the phone, had a few drinks and met with Molly’s sister Debbie and friend Patty. Molly then invites Kirk to a hockey game and this becomes the precedent for several other dates. At first, Kirk dismissed Molly’s moves as purely based on returning a favor. Only Devon believed that Molly was in love with Kirk and that their relationship would eventually lead to something else.

Once, when they were getting intimate in Molly’s house, Kirk accidentally ejaculates on his pants. Molly’s parents soon arrive and when they were introduced, Kirk could not stand up because of the wet spot on his trousers. In his embarrassment, Kirk quickly disappears from the scene without doing proper goodbyes. Their relationship becomes cold as Molly disregards Kirk’s calls and messages, but when Kirk explains the reason he left, Molly and Kirk are back in each other’s arms again.

Conflict arises when, as Molly and Kirk were really about to have sex, they get to show each other’s flaws. Cam, who was Molly’s ex, gave Kirk an idea that Molly had some sort of “defect” which was later revealed to be something that was minor. Seeing that Molly had a very trivial imperfection compared to him, Kirk and Molly went into an argument where their respective issues were brought out in the open. Basically, it was Kirk’s low self-esteem and his perception that Molly was “too perfect” to be his girl that pushed him to decide to break up with her. “So you were hoping there was something wrong with me so you could be with me” was how Molly put it. Molly and Kirk ended up saying hurtful words to each other.

In the next sequence, Kirk is shown with Marnie at the airport on their way to Branson. They have reconciled and are going off together with Kirk’s family. Kirk’s three friends are shocked with what happens but when they talk, Kirk reveals that it is because he now knows that he isn’t “good enough” as per their advice. Kirk’s friends soon realize that their ratings discussions have somehow influenced Kirk’s downcast self-assessment. Stainer who knew he was the one most accountable for the deed tried to make amends by stopping the plane and calling on Molly to give her and Kirk the chance to have a dialogue. Kirk tries to speak but gets tongue-tied so Molly says her piece to which Kirk responds briefly and this ends with a kiss.

The film is fraught with “guy talk” as there are numerous scenes where Kirk and his three friends discuss things openly, especially pertaining to girls, sex and relationships. It is in these forums that the most amusing and hilarious sequences can be singled out. One of the funnier scenes in the film is when Kirk tries to shave his balls upon the advice of one of his friends Jack. He encounters some difficulty doing this so when Devon offers to help, Kirk allows him to. Just then, Kirk pops the question: “Devon, how is this not gay?” To which Devon retorts “I think there’s nothing gay about it the fact that you’re letting a straight, married man shave your testicles, I think that makes you one of the most macho guys alive.”

It is one of those tamer breed of romantic comedies which do not capitalize on sex or sexual intimacies to get viewership. The worst baring shown was the side view of Kirk’s behind while he was being shaven by Devon. Come to think of it, the lead actors were not even shown bare in bed.

The movie is one of the better romantic comedies for this year. The lead actor, Jay Baruchel was great as the insecure airport guy who falls in love with a gorgeous lady portrayed by Alice Eve. The disparity between their physical attributes is what makes their friends wonder what makes their relationship work, and this wasn’t very favorable for Kirk, who already had some self-esteem issues, but still it was a feel good movie as the lead stars still ended in each other’s arms.


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