Champagne Sabering

History of Sabering

It was shortly after the French Revolution, when the saber was still the weapon of choice, that Napoleon and his cavalry celebrated their stunning victories across Europe.  When Napoleon and his army returned from a battle, the townspeople showed their appreciation and gratitude by handing bottles of champagne to the men on horseback. 
Unable to remove the cork while riding, the men unsheathed their sabers and with an upward swing severed the bottle at the lip.  Hence the term; champagne sabering.

The Method

  • Begin with a chilled bottle of champagne and a champagne sword or knife. 

  • Remove the foil and wire cage.

  • Find the weak spot on the bottle, which would be the seam.

  • Hold the bottle parallel to the floor and run the blunt edge of the sword gently along the seam towards the cork up to the lip.  Do that at least twice.

  • When you’re ready to make the slice, run the sword along the seam but don’t stop at the lip.  Follow through with a full swing.

  • Allow some of the bubbly to escape before returning the bottle to the upright position.

  • Pour and enjoy.

Do not saber a Champagne bottle, or any other glass bottle, unless you have been properly trained by an experienced sommelier.  It can be very dangerous if not done correctly and under the proper conditions.



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