Zip it All! A Lot of Inspiration And Tutorials For Your Zipper Love!

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I hope I could pick some of the best exemples of works because I think I could go on and on discovering always more surprising stuff. It’s amazing how people can be so creative!

I started to post the tutorial links and after them you can find a lot of inspirational ones. If you have more suggestions, please post them on the comments.


How to make a recycled zipper necklace inspired by the one in 1000 Ideas for Creative Reuse: Remake, Restyle, Recycle, Renew By Garth Johnson

How to make zipper jewelry tutorials
Links to lot’s of zipper tutorials including the popular zipper flower one.

Zipper Rainbow T Shirt Recon
Just unzip to show the secret rainbow super hero in you!

Zipper Bracelet
Simple Bracelet made from Jean Zipper

Zipper Necklace
this project is not for beginners since you have to style the piece on to a dummy and hand sew the whole thing together. This project is timeconsuming, but so woth all the trouble and hard work when finished!

Zipper Flowers
The Industrial Edge of a Zipper Mixed with the Organic Shape of a Flower

zipper ruffle ballet flats TUTORIAL
Have some flats you’d like to dress up? Here’s the how-to on adding a zipper ruffle. Take those drab shoes to fab flats!

zipper ruffle headband

fab zipper necklace

Zip-up Earbuds


Ann Demeulemeester inspired DIY zipper fringe scarf tutorial

Make Zipper Flower Brooch, Necklace & Earrings

Sizzix ScoreBoard Blog Hop: Cake Die


Reborne Jewellery
Jewellery created by an independent jewellery designer
You can view more of her work on Facebook

Rianna Bethany
zipper garments by a student from Manchester, studying Textile Design for Fashion. If you search her blog you’ll find more zipper projects among her creative works.

zipper jewelry by kate cusack
Kate Cusack is a brooklyn based designer creating artistic jewelry pieces that look beyond their material’s

Zipper bling
A great selection of outstanding zipper artisans. Scroll down for related posts about more zipper art.

Floral Pendant Zipper Necklace
This piece is made from from two 7″ navy brass zippers and a gold tone and blue floral cloisonne pendant. The necklace measures 16″ and has a lobster clasp closure.

Italian Gold Zip necklace by Paola Volpi
This unique necklace has been created from original gold zippers and thick transparent acrylic threading.

Layered Vintage Zipper Cuff Bracelet

Collection of Zipper jewelry

body zipper

ZipBling Jewelry


Trendspotting: Zipper Jewelry


Red Zipper Dress

Your Zipper’s Showing…


Ann Demaulemeester Summer 2010 collection

zipper shoulders piece

Luxirare jacket

The Cage Skirt

Dress by Sebastian Errazuriz


unique Zipper Art
Donna Jean Petrell embraced environmentally friendly art production long before it became trendy to be green.  She uses only the zipper teeth of recycled zippers to create the amazing landscapes, fantastic florals, and colorful abstract textures exhibited here. Each piece is a completely original, one-of-a-kind design.

Zipper Art
Nice use of the zippers creating a great texture.

Radka Horbaczewska Zipper Art

woolly fabulous Zipper work
Incredibly beautiful and colorful zipper art

“Hommage to Fontana” by Nelson Leirner

Zipper On Canvas

Zipper Mosaics
Original Zipper Art by Karen L. Davidson


Soda zip

All Zipped Up

Zipper Coconuts

Zip Shoes

flower shoes

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