Liposuction 101: How to Realize The Best Results

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Summer time calls for our swimsuits to get wet and heated up. It’s the time of the year where we flaunt our body and show the world what we’re made of but then again there’s the dilemma of presenting what we have. Our body is our greatest temple and we should always keep it presentable at all times.

With the increasing number of health conscious in America, more people are engaging themselves to miracle diets and strenuous exercises that takes almost forever to see the effects. While others are either busy or doesn’t have much patience to wait so instead they try the easiest way to achieve their desired body through Liposuction.

Assuming you are already in the healing stage or planning to get a Lipo soon, here are some tips you can use to achieve the best results after the operations:

ENGAGE ON A HEALTHY DIET. Do not starve yourself and do not over eat! Some misconception of liposuction patients is that in order to maintain their body, they need to skip meals while others, overlook the chances of gaining back the weight by overeating. Physicians advise their patients to start a healthy diet by eating more leafy green foods with the right amount of lean meat. You can start eating right months before the scheduled operations and for maintenance, stick to it after the liposuction.

START EXERCISING. After the operation, recovery may seem painful than you thought but you can see clear results after and the best way to maintain that is by shedding some sweats. Before going on an exercise, consult your doctor if you’re wounds are fully healed and that you’re fit to engage on physical activities. Avoid brisk routines and stick to yoga to start it all up. Some doctors would recommend their patients to exercise before the operation for the liposuction and recovery to be easier.

REDUCING LIPOSUCTION BLUNDER. One of the common problems that liposuction patients encounter is Fat Embolism. This occur when surgeons use huge liposuction rods (6-8 mm) thus the patient’s fats can get out of the rod and go straight to the circulatory system. It’s important to tell your doctor to use small rods (3-4 mm) because it also makes the healing process faster.

PAIN-FREE (ALMOST!). One of the mottos of liposuction patients is “No pain, no gain.” Although taking out the pain from the surgery may seem impossible, some doctors revealed that adding some extra healthy dosage of adrenaline or epinephrine would lessen the pain and make the scar unnoticeably smoother.

POST APPOINTMENTS. Your doctor’s responsibility doesn’t end by taking your excess fat from your body but he should be readily available during the recovery time. The surgeon needs to provide you guidelines and check your vital statistics until he declares that your wounds are fully healed..

One of the leading body contour centers, Sono Bello offers their clients consultations before, during, and after the liposuction from well-trained and certified surgeons in the industry. So when choosing the liposuction experts, I recommend to check the trusted brands.

There you have it, some tips you can carry in your mind to make the recovery easy and enjoy more of your desired body. Remember that it’s important to know more about something before indulging yourself to its great post-pain benefits.

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