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 For Noobs.

If y, our new to runescape you will want to sit down and listen. This is for new players.

1. Once you have created your account and finished the tutorial you should do a quest. (Recommended- Cooks Assistance.)

2. Once you get your reward. Go to the G.E. (Grand Exchange) in North-east Varock (North of Lumbridge) and sell everything. Once you have enough money buy Iron or Bronze armor. (Iron armor cost more)

3. Go back to Lumbridge and kill goblins. (P.S. This increases your combat too) :)

4. Pick up everything he dropped.

5. Once you can’t pick up anything else go to the G.E. and sell it all.

6.While your items sell go back and kill more goblins.

7. Repeat until about combat level 10.

8. Now you will want to kill chickens.

9. These drop feathers and feathers only take one space of you backpack so you can get as many as you wish.

10. Sell at the G.E.

11. If the chickens are too overcrowded go kill cows.

12. Cow hides are can fetch top dollar in the G.E.

13. By now you should be around maybe level 15-20, so you should start doing more quests.

14. I Suggest Ernest the Chicken or Pirates Treasure.

15. Just have fun with this small guide!

                        -Made by jfhscheer4   (This is my runescape account so add me and i will help!)


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