How to Prepare Prefolds for Diaper Use

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  1. In order to get the most absorbent prefold you must ‘prep’ them before putting them on your baby. Un fold all of your prefolds and just check them over for any lose strings or rips. You just want to make sure you have useable prefolds. If the do have any imperfections just so a simple stitch to fix them.
  2. Set your washer on normal cycle using hot water. Wash all new prefolds in hot water 3 or 4 times.
  3. Add 2 small squirts of Dawn dish soap on the last wash. This will release all of the natural oils and the fabric will be able to absorb 100% more liquid. Use Dawn ONLY on the 1st Cycle.
  4. After you wash them all, dry them on high in the dryer until all of them are completely dry. Or you can air dry them on a dry clothing rack. They will be a tad crunchy if you decide on that way of drying them. Do NOT use fabric softener sheets in the dryer! It will add a fine film of chemicals that will not allow the prefold to absorb any liquids. Now they are ready to be used on your baby’s bum!

Use a small amount of Dawn. Use only the Original Scent (BLUE)


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