How to help your Child through Teething

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  1. The first easy and cheap way to help you teething infant/child is to grab a cold wash cloth. Children love to suck on the wash clothes which helps the aches in teething.
  2. Another cheap way it to put a wet wash cloth in the freezer. You may have to help the child hold the wash cloth because it will get cold in their hands which may get them upset. Just make sure your wash cloth is clean and free of any lint.
  3. If you baby doesn’t mind you probing in their mouth stick your finger in it! A gentle rub of the teething area will help soothe the ache.
  4. Nothing is working? Then maybe its time to get a product that the baby can hold and chew on. A Natural wooden teether ring is great to use! No they will not ship in the baby’s mouth or splinter. Just keep the wood moist with bees wax that you can usually get at the store you bought the teether. Below is a great site to find one!
  5. Plastic teethers are good to use but I don’t recommend them. Too many recalls on plastic products that were made for children. I would go for the natural products like an Amber Necklace! This method of using an Amber Teething Necklace is one of the oldest! Once you buy the necklace (see site below) just put it on the infant. Make sure it is the right size and can not be pulled off by the child. The Amber in the necklace is a natural analgesic and when worn on the skin, it releases healing oils that helps children through the teething process
  6. The last step is medication. Teething Tablets are a great way to soothe those teething aches and pains. You can find them at many stores and they easily dissolve under the child’s tongue. They work wonders!!
    Of course if all else fails go for the infant Tylenol. DO NOT give to babies under 6 months of age unless you talked to your doctor.

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