Flap Movies Worth Watching

I have read a lot of reviews about movies so called flap. These movies include those that receive negative reviews and those that have low income returns. Based from the negative things I have heard about them, I become more interested in finding out what really made them win those bad criticisms. Here are the flap movies I have watched:

  1. Sahara

This movie is considered as one of the biggest financial failures in the history of Hollywood movies. Its box-office sales actually reached more than $200 million, which is actually the most intriguing part of it being a flap. Well, let’s say this amount is great but the expense of this entire movie is far greater than this. Knowing Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz to star this movie, it was actually a worth watching movie.

  1. Motherhood

This is a 2009 movie starred by one of my favorite artists Uma Thurman. Though she won Best Actress Award at the Boston Film Festival for her performance, this movie was considered as the second worst flop movies in British cinematic history. Well, who would not think of it that way when their gross sale on its opening night is only £9.

  1. All About Steve

A classic American comedy movie starred by an A-lister Sandra Bullock, I thought it would be speared from being called one of the worst movies. But yes, many critics considered it as a “forgettable” movie. Not only that, it received nominations such as Worst Pictures, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay and Worst Screen Couple. And not to mention Sandra Bullock took home the Worst Actress Award for this movie. Isn’t interesting?

  1. Gigli

Starred by two calibers of Hollywood Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, no way this is a flap movie. But really, yes way. It happened. I did not know exactly why. So, I watched it and I got what critics meant. I was simply bored with it. But of course it is not an objective basis. It’s unfair just to rely on my own perception. Knowing it as the number one in the Bottom Rated Movies of All Time by Yahoo! Movies and winning the grand slam of Razzie Awards, no wonder it is indeed a flap movie. Still, it got my curiosity to watch it.

  1. The Adventure of Pluto Nash

No question Eddie Murphy is a funny guy. But this supposed-to-be a funny movie is not funny at all. It spent a hundred million dollars in production including its insignificant numerous numbers of revisions but then it only grossed 7 million dollars. Very not funny.

  1. Catwoman

Halle Berry as Storm in X-Men is a phenomenon, but Halle Berry as Catwoman is a destruction. I don’t mean that really. But it is certainly one of the worst movies I have watched and in Hollywood as well. Just like Sandra Bullock, she also won the Worst Actress Award for this movie. But unlike Sandra Bullock who accepted the award with elegance and pride, Halle Berry frankly said in an interview “I want to thank Warner Brothers for putting me in a piece of shit, God-awful movie…” Wow, interesting shit to watch then.

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