Most Searched Words And Topics in The Internet

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Being a beginner of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I came across with some useful tips to increase traffic to my blogs. One of my favorites is the use of strong words. These are words that rank high in search engines. These words attract much interest to most people from the general public. Knowing this, I thought of making stuff intentionally putting those words together to rank high in the SEO. I hope this makes sense. But I know this is not how it is supposed to be done. Using all these words in one article will only create chaos in your blog. The best thing you could do is use only one topic for one article. If you ought to use more than one, at least consider using related words or words that are relevant to your main point.

I searched using Google what are those most search words in the internet. Though different sources have different ranks, these are some of the most searched words or topics you might consider using in your blogs. Good luck!

1. Generate Income, earning, home-based income generating hobby

2. Web designing, animation

3. Sex tips and sexuality

4. Caring tips

5. Blogging, article, writing

6. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

7. Internet, networking

8. Work related topics

9. Job searches

10. Health Guide

11. Softwares & Games

12. Market shares

13. Facebook

14. Gadgets & Mobiles

15. Sports

16. Celebrities, holliwood


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