The Life: Before And After Someone Else – What do we Wants?

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The women behaviour

Have you ever stop to think about your real needs? Or what do you really wants?

When we are a little girl we dream with Dolls and the beautiful pink dress. After a short while we start to think about makeup, the period, how we are looking like and sadly we just can’t stop to think about the first kiss. Ohhhh the love… The true love could happen with a handsome and rich guy and we could have 2 kids and be happy forever….

Helloooo!!! That is not the real life. The real life is a little bit harder than that and that you should start to think about. You know why? Why in are in 2010 and the world has changed since the women decided that we should have the equal rights and now… we have, we split the bills, and the all responsibility. Work from 8 to 5, some times more than that. But we still have to look after the husband and the house,

Very interesting and stupid equal rights, are happy now? You have more work, more responsibility and less time to yourself, les time to go to the gym, the hairdresser and manicure, wax your legs and underarms? Forget about it… just shave it every day under the shower.  And now you have no time to dream… To dream about the pink dress and decide what you really wants or likes, because you are too busy looking after other things that are not yours.

Ahhh We would like to restart again, just one more time. Just to try do things better and more fun.

Well actually lots of women have been thinking  about that, because a woman around  35 years old realised that  is not what she really wants from her  life and to the future.

The women  would like to have more time and more money to travel around, to go out with boys and have fun. You know what?  We girls feel good when we go out with someone stranger, because it is always polite, gentle and they always say that we are beautiful, everything we do they find it lovely…

After a while living together, they just say “shut up”, “you are annoying “, “I have no time for that”, “you are blocking my view from TV”, “The Game is on”, “ I can’t help you with the dishes”, etc ,etc, etc .

And the bad stuff? Guys we girls don’t like when you fart or burp, that is horrible. Make us feel like, don’t we deserve someone better?  I heard a phrase once that was saying: “to have the sausage we don’t need to have whole pig” Come on girls, what do we want? Is it the true ourselves?

Let’s get back our life and do just whatever we like.  Let’s look after ourselves better and be happy.


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