Virginia Tax Free Weekend: What to Buy Other Than Pencils And Pens

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Virginians hoping to save a buck or two might want to plan their back to school shopping to coincide with Virginia’s Tax Free Weekend, set for August 6 through 8.  Aside from the normal fare of pencils, pens and paper, there are some other items that will be tax free during that time period.

Musical Instruments/accessories:  Do you need to buy a replacement guitar string?  Virginia’s list of eligible items includes musical instruments, musical instrument accessories and replacement items for musical instruments.  A call to a local music store in Frederickburg, Virginia, Robertson’s Music, yielded several tax free purchase ideas.  

Since the musical instrument or accessory must be under $20 to be eligible for tax free status, you obviously cannot buy a trumpet tax free.  However, items to consider include:  A recorder, a kazoo, guitar strings, oil, grease, reeds for woodwind instruments, books, and print music.  So if a recorder is on your child’s back-to-school list for Music Class, you can likely find one at a local music store this weekend tax free.

Baby Layette Items:  Are you pregnant or know of someone who is?  Baby items such as receiving blankets, bibs and clothing are all covered under Virginia’s tax free weekend.  Consider this weekend a great opportunity to purchase baby layette items for your needs now, if you have a little one, or for future needs for baby shower gifts.  Even baby diapers are included in the Virginia’s tax free weekend eligible list.  If you are buying diapers for a baby shower, past experience for me has been that my children spent the most time in size 3 and size 4 diapers.  Avoid buying newborn diapers, unless specifically asked by the mother-to-be to do so.

Rain coats:  Provided that the rain coat costs $100 or less, it will be sales tax free in Virginia August 6-8.  Expect to pay $50-$100 for a nice, fashionable rain coat, which means buying it during the tax holiday means you save between $2.50 and $5.00 on the purchase.  Shop at Burlington Coat Factory for a nice selection at moderate prices.


Virginia’s Tax Free Eligible List


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