Triond's Earnings, Bogus August Bonus

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The idea behind Triond’s bonus is simple. Many users guess that it is to get back those writers that fled to other earning sites like Factoidz, Bukisa, AC, and other revenue sharing sites. These writers migrated from Triond as they are not satisfied with the earnings. Seriously who can be satisfied with reduced views or reduced overall earnings rates?

Triond pays meager cents for all the hours of work a writer puts up. There are some crazy people out there who don’t have better things to do than to dump their work at Triond. And they don’t mind earning collecting cents here and there. There are also those who are in for serious business. With the way Triond has been reducing earning rates without a reason, economy changes, market crashes or wars, these writers are finding it increasingly dangerous to spend time with Triond.

For the unsuspecting users, Triond comes up in usual deceptive style with a bogus bonus program. This is to pay 10% more to the August month earnings if one publishes at least 5 articles in August. What they don’t reveal is that they have already reduced the earning rates from June to July and only paying back a 10% only if we were to become active. It is also limited to August month only. I have less doubt that the earnings are not very reliable there.


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