Unlock Trophies on Nba Live 2007 Ps2

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Known for for its realistic up-tempo game-play, real time compatible game statistics, and in-depth Season and Team Management game modes, NBA Live 07 for PlayStation 2 also rewards gamers for exceptional game play with trophies that can be unlocked when players perform certain tasks. Unlike many extras in the game that can be achieved through the use of cheat codes, NBA Live 2007 trophies require more effort and initiative on the behalf of the gamer.

Step 1

Achieve the “In the Zone Scorer Move” and “Perform Level 3 Scorer Move” trophies by starting a quick exhibition game with Tracy McGrady and scoring eight to 12 points without being scored upon. Get the ball to McGrady and run to the hoop, holding the turbo button and the freestyle button until he is “on fire.” You will know he has attained “on fire status” when the purple icon is displayed. These particular trophies can only be achieved using Tracy McGrady, as he is on the cover of the game.

Step 2

Earn the “Perform Level 3 Post Move” and “In The Zone Post Move” achievements and you will receive a “Post Master Trophy.” This achievement can only be won with a big man, like Yao Ming or Tim Duncan, when you score eight to 12 points without being scored upon. To trigger the achievement notification, you must score your eighth to 12th point by dunking the ball. Even if you have scored the necessary eight points without being scored upon, if you fail to dunk the ball and opponent scores, you will not unlock the achievement. You do not have to score all of the points with dunks; only one dunk is necessary.

Step 3

Play with four players by connecting four controllers and you will achieve the “Four users on one machine” trophy. It is key to make sure none of the controllers are ever disconnected during the game, because if they are you will not earn this achievement.

Step 4

Achieve the “In The Zone High Flyer Move” and the “Perform Level 3 High Flyer Move” trophy by playing as the West All-Stars, and scoring at least eight points without being scored upon. Once you have done this, dunk the ball with Kobe Bryant and the trophy will be awarded. If you do not perform the dunk with Kobe Bryant, or a similar All Star with a “High Flyer” icon next to their name, you will not accomplish the achievement. The High Flyer icon is a small white sneaker with a wing extending from its heel.

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