Sell Music in Ringtones

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Step 1

Download an audio-editing program such as Audacity, Expstudio or Wave MP3 Editor PRO. If you already have editing software that you prefer to use, fine, as long as the program can make the songs into marketable ringtones.

Step 2

Open Audacity or the audio-editing program of your choice and set it up to start a new project. Then click “file” and “open” to upload a music file from your computer. This should be done with an audio file on which you hold the copyright, or a noncopyright file you have edited and made your own.

Step 3

Highlight about 10 seconds of the file by playing it with the audio software, then clicking on the section of the song where you want the ringtone to begin and letting go where you want it to end. Ringtones are most commonly made of the hook or chorus of a song, but you have the option to take any section of it, as long as you hold the copyright on the file.

Step 4

Right-click the area you have highlighted and select “copy,” then open a new file and paste the section of the song you cut from the audio file into a new, blank document. Save the file under a name of your choice, preferably to your computer’s desktop or its “My Music” section.

Step 5

Open up an account on, or All three sites provide a URL from which customers can download your ringtone for the price you set, and you can monitor your revenue. Cellyspace also provides a text-code option where you can advertise so that customers can text a code and download the ringtone directly to their phone.

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