Europe in a Month

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25 days.

My desk and office is an old sight for me.  I relish in the thought of no longer being shackled to my receptionists phone, no longer being asked to accomplish such mundane duties as filing.  The stagnant air of my office cell is soon to be a lingering memory; it is not long until I will be jetting off on a splendid European adventure.

Along side me is my trusted accomplice, Mel.  Together, in 25 days, we shall step onto European soil and promptly drop to our knees and kiss the ground that will hold us for the next indeterminate amount of time. 

The countown is on.  A pre-vacation vacation to Vancouver seems necessary.  Visit the University (for my interest) and our good Vancouverian friend, Kira. 

Yet alas, ends must be tied up with me here in Edmonton, Canada.  There is the nasty case of the boyfriend whom I dearly love.  A heartbreak is in the works for me, an obstacle that I must bound over before I depart continents away from my lover.  It is coming as no surprise, I have warned him from the beginning, a year ago, that I would not be staying around for too long.  Yet still, a year is a long time to love someone for, and a 25 day countown until the end is one hell of an emotional strain.

Ahead of me is a vast learning experience.  In this ongoing series of articles, I will share with you my ups and downs of fitting in to a new place, seeing as much as I can possibly manage on the budget I have, and how many Scottish men I may end up kissing!


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